The first step in the home buying process is a mortgage pre-approval. Your real estate agent will ask you for one before they take you out shopping for a home. The idea is to make sure that you are qualified for a mortgage before you or your real estate agent wastes time, gas, and money finding the right house only to find out you aren’t qualified. The fact is that almost all pre-approvals are not worth the paper they are printed on because your financial documents are not reviewed by an underwriter.

Mortgages by Scott is powered by OnQ Financial and our pre-approvals are treated exactly like a mortgage application. Your tax returns, income, assets, job history, etc. are all reviewed by the underwriter. This is the same underwriter you will have when you find the perfect home!

These are the steps to getting 100% approved for the perfect mortgage:

    • Fill out the application form below. This application is hosted on a secure server and I will be the only person able to access and review your information.
    • Once you submit your application, I will review it and get together some ideas on what mortgage program might best suit your needs.
    • Please expect a call so I can fill in any blanks and listen to what you are looking for in your mortgage. Each borrower’s situation is different. Your story is unique, so your mortgage will be too.
    • My goal is to get my clients 100% approved before any money is put on the line. I will send you a “homework” list of items to collect, depending on your situation.
    • My team will go to work immediately, so you don’t have to worry.

If you are not quite ready to fill out an application, that’s no problem. Please call me at 704-890-7168, and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.